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    Protons in 5 directions and 12 energy channels between 20 keV and 2 MeV and electrons in 5 directions and 12 energy channels between 20 keV and keV to 1. Data were accumulated in up to 32 sectors per spin. The total electron content between the mother and daughter was obtained by measuring the phase delay introduced by the ambient plasma onto a wave of frequency about kHz, transmitted from the mother experiment and received on the daughter.

    The phase was compared against a phase-coherent signal transmitted from the mother to the daughter by modulation onto a carrier of frequency high enough In this experiment, a single-axis search coil magnetometer with a high permeability core and two electric field dipoles 30 m 98 ft tip-to-tip and 0.

    The antennas were mounted perpendicularly to the spin axis. The instrumentation was composed of two elements: 1 a high-time-resolution spectrum analyzer with 16 frequency channels identical to those on ISEE 1 from 5. There were two basic frequency channels, from Hz to 1-kHz and from Hz to kHz. In addition, the frequency range could be shifted by a frequency-conversion scheme to any of eight ranges up to 2. This instrument was designed to measure the angular distributions and energy spectra of positive ions in the solar wind.

    The main region of interest was outward from and including the magnetopause greater than 8 earth radii. There were two operating modes: one for high-time resolution and one for high-energy resolution. Energy levels were kept constant through a complete spacecraft revolution.

    The magnetic fields investigation selected for ISEE-1 and ISEE-2 had as its principal objectives the study of the magnetic signatures of magnetospheric phenomena and magnetohydrodynamic waves in and around the magnetosphere, and to provide supporting data for other experiments on the spacecraft such as the electric field , particle and plasma wave investigations.

    In this triaxial fluxgate magnetometer , three ring-core sensors in an orthogonal triad were enclosed in a flipper mechanism at the end of the magnetometer boom. The electronics unit was on the main body of the spacecraft at the foot of the boom. The data were digitized and averaged within the instrument to provide increased resolution and to provide Nyquist filtering.

    There were two modes for the transmission of the averaged data. In the double-precision mode of operation, bit samples of data were transmitted. Operation of this experiment was near nominal until spacecraft re-entry on 26 September Users of data from this experiment should be aware of the fact that the averaging of bit samples to create bit samples worked well in the spin plane, but in situations during which the field along the spin axis was quiet relative to the size of a digital window, the magnetometer returned only a bit sample.

    This was particularly noticeable when the spacecraft was in the solar wind and the instrument was operated in its low gain nT range, and when the spacecraft was in quiet regions of the magnetosphere in the low gain mode. The former situation limited the resolution of the field measured to 4 nT in the double precision mode in which the magnetometer usually was operated, and the latter situation created, as the spacecraft moved through the large gradient in the Earth's magnetic field, a stair step pattern of field changes of size 4 nT which may be mistaken for waves.

    Another operational anomaly was the saturation of a sensor during gain changes. At these times, the 3 components of the magnetic field were deduced from one spin tone and the field along the spin axis, limiting the temporal resolution of the instrument to below the spin frequency. Every effort was made to minimize zero level errors, clerical errors and other data processing anomalies within the available resources.

    However, these resources were very constrained and funding ceased before the entire submitted data set could be checked. ISEE-3 was the first spacecraft to be placed in a halo orbit at the Earth-Sun Lagrange point L 1 and it was later deployed into a heliocentric orbit. Seventeen of 21 on-board experiments were operational at the end. Create your Account. Are you sure you want to cancel your membership with us? International Sun-Earth Explorer.

    Spaceflight portal. Retrieved 20 November This article incorporates text from this source, which is in the public domain. Retrieved 12 March ISEE-1 Characteristics". ISEE-2 Characteristics". Please download and use one of the following browsers:. An extension you use may be preventing Wikiwand articles from loading properly.

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