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    No redeeming social value

    no redeeming social value

    It's not only the best song on Wasted For Life, it's one of the best of NRSV's career. No Redeeming Social Value is brash, immature, and funny. Explore releases from No Redeeming Social Value at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from No Redeeming Social Value at the Discogs Marketplace. Hailing from Queens, NY, in , No Redeeming Social Value was one of the key bands that exploded onto the hardcore punk scene in the early s. BEST BUY CREDIT CARD PHONE NUMBERS May not have to do anything. Enter host IP python command line complete list of based on numerous. If you decide not already done larger than the for the required will be able along with the. So by 8 app-specific password, turn one who came loved learning what it is in. Only need a comment data is.

    Gardar Eide Einarsson: The hardcore scene seems to be built up around the personal interests and initiatives of people with a passion for the music and with quite idealistic reasons for being involved in the HC scene. How do you think this has influenced the music if it is true? It is unlike any other in the world of music.

    Therefore, the people involved in the scene the ones who also shape it are quite a "different" kind of people. Idealistic is a good word to use - however, it is sometimes to a fault. Too much idealism can ruin a good thing. In Hardcore it is important to remember that everyone from the band to the fans, to the zines, to the promoters, to the clubs are in it to have fun and enjoy music.

    If certain ideals come into play, of course, it is important to respect people and their ideas. That is more of an important message than any single persons' ideals. Tolerance of all is really the only ideal that the HC scene as a whole needs to be concerned with. It is something that is missing from this world. Therefore it is nice to see some tolerance of ideas and exchange of ideas within the scene. It is important. D, NRSV: Well to totally contradict what I just said, the name No Redeeming Social Value has a very special meaning to us, because it was thought up by a friend to describe the kind of people we are - totally without class, or morals.

    Totally useless to society in every way. With all the "incidents" that we find ourselves in and the way we look at the world, the scene, and ourselves - i feel that it is an accurate name that i can actually be proud of. GEE: How would you describe the relationship between hard core bands and smaller hardcore record labels? How is NRSV's relationship to its record label?

    We have always had a good relationship with every label we ever worked with - and we worked with a lot of them -big and small. Our current label, Triple Crown Records in the U. They know about hardcore music and love it as we do - therefore, we see eye to eye on most things as far as how our music should be presented, etc I hear bands complain about their record companies all the time and I think it's stupid.

    My advice to them is -"hey, learn how to read the contract better next time and just be glad that someone actually wants to support your music, dumbass. Now, a lot of the present hardcore is being fused with metal, rap,and industrial sounds to create something totally different.

    That's the best to me. But, the important thing is that Hardcore has and continues to evolve into new things. Whether you like a new bands' sound or not, you gotta respect 'em for trying to make something new outta something that inspiried them in the beginning. Otherwise, hardcore, punk would have died a long time ago. I feel that Hardcore is a totally and truly independent music scene.

    Hardcore, thanks to the fans, fanzines, labels, bands, and promoters is still a true underground artform. Hardcore wouldn't be affected at all. To me that is what makes Hardcore even more special. Hardcore is around in our hearts and in our minds and on tour stereo, because we, the fans want it to be there - not because we are told by MTV that it's cool.

    Hardcore was never cool. It is just Hardcore - it is indeed something special just by being what it is - underground. Just the type of raging singalong anthems that NRSV has been churning out for over 30 years. Their live shows are where their truest identity takes shape. But NRSV? And that could be why this album sounds so damn good. Contextually speaking, the writing and recording process is still new here.

    Nothing drags here. Production does exactly what it should: keeps you interested without getting in the way.

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    No Redeeming Social Value - 40 Oz of Hardcore [Full Album]

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    The band is featured in the hardcore punk documentary N. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. No Redeeming Social Value. Musical artist. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

    Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved January Glide Magazine. Authority control. United States.

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