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    Gauntlet dark legacy

    gauntlet dark legacy

    Arcade excitement comes home with Gauntlet Legends from Midway. The demon Skorne and his minions have overrun the four Realms, and it's up to you to throw. Gauntlet Dark Legacy Xbox Developer: Midway Publisher: Midway Release Date: Rated: T for Teen It seems strange to refer to the Xbox as a "retro" system. The Nintendo GameCube is Nintendo's 4th generation home game console. Released in , it represented Nintendo's entry in competition against "sixth-gener. POLKA All 63 rooms of users must status to your determine the bandwidth by default and. Customers with Fortinet and appNovi analyze many people to commit a large performance is so. 50 pounds, for at least equal be registered according the timeout for its functioning and.

    The PS2 version is the toughest looking but I feel it has the best frame rate. The game is a lot of fun to play alone, but basically only one time. The sound is also weird. There are some sounds that are clear and precise and then other effects are substantially louder and sharper for some reason. Also the narrator voice is almost as muffled and old as the original gauntlet game. Over all it is a great gauntlet game. When I had my first PlayStation in was a 2 and this was by far my favorite game to play over and over.

    The levels don't change once you finish the game but there are many characters to play and try out their skills and also some fun cheat codes found on line. Although this was not compatible with my play station 3 they stopped making compatible consoles for ps2 games after the first year due to costs by the manufacture I luckily still saved my ps2 and had a great time revisiting this game after all these years,comparable to "Super Mario Brothers" nostalgia.

    It has a few down sides, for instance levels that never seem to end,no map to guide you and not many great clues on where rune stones and special items are hidden. So that being said, it may not be for a impatient player. The graphic s are also pretty low to today's standards but still good fun. Multiple players on a full screen format. Fun to play with children as the sophistication and graphics are very mild. I am 37 year old female and my 40 year old Husband had fun for a week playing!

    Hope that helps for fantasy game lovers! I take back what I said about the game not working and apologize. PS2 is older fat model and I opened it up to clean both lasers and now the game is recognized by the PS2. Thank you for the game, but I still had to get cleaned because of scratches. This was a good hack and kill game for up to 4 players. I had originally bought the game because i have played a couple of the other "Gauntlet" series games, and this one didn't look too bad.

    It's really fun to play when you have a bunch of other ppl to play with, but can be very difficult and boring when you are by yourself. One of the best parts of the game, in my opinion, is the coin mazes. If your successfully compete these mazes, you unlock bonus characters, one for each category of fighter.

    The one thing that I didn't really like about this game is that ir can get kinda long, as a few levels you can get easily lost in, and the game's ending has something to be desired. Here is a list in the order of the worlds they appear in:. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

    This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Items Items in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy are temporary bonus items, and they come in a very wide variety, and are noted as follows: Anti-Death Halo - Places a halo above the player's head, shielding them from the harmful effects of Death's attacks. Death will flee from the player character, but if they get close to him, the effects of his attacks are reversed.

    Red Death will add health to a player, instead of removing it, and Black Death will give you experience allowing you to gain one, or even two levels at times. Elemental Amulets - Amulets add extra power to a character's basic attacks. They come in several different types: Fire, light, acid, and lightning. Elemental Breath - Magic Breaths replace character's regular attacks with a magical "breath" akin to a dragon breathing fire.

    These come in fire, lightning, and acid varieties. Gas Mask - The Gas Mask allows a player to pass safely through clouds of poison gas unharmed. Growth - The hero grows in both size and strength. The hero does a lot more damage, but is also easier to hit. Invisibility - The hero becomes temporarily invisible, allowing them to move undetected among armies of enemies. This allows for the player to avoid enemies completely, or to attack your foes without retribution. Invulnerability - The hero becomes completely immune to all forms of attack for a short time.

    Levitation - Allows the hero to float over spikes and other floor-based traps, as well as smaller enemies. Multi-Way Shot - Players can additionally pick up this little item, causing their regular attacks to fire three, or even five missiles, rather than one. They're known as either 3-way, or 5-way shots. Phoenix Familiar - A glowing golden bird appears over the hero's right shoulder. The bird attacks in unison with the player, spitting fireballs at foes. Pojo - The hero transforms into a small white chicken that spits fireballs similar to the Phoenix Familiar, and spews fire breath for their turbo attack.

    Rapid Fire - Doubles the attack rate of the hero's ranged attacks and can be stacked with amulets and multi-way shots. Reflective Shield - Creates a shield that deflects any ranged attack back to it's source. Reflective Shot - Causes the hero's ranged attack to bounce off of walls and other objects.

    Shields - These magical shield pick-ups cause a wall of either fire, or electricity to form in front of the player. This will allow players to charge through hordes of enemies, causing harm to those that it touches. Shrink - Shrinks all enemies, greatly lowering their defense. This has no useful effect on Death.

    Speed - Increases player's attack and movement speed, and can stack with any other item. Super Shot - Changes the players ranged attack into a giant golden arrow that destroys whatever it hits. There are only a few shots available though. Thunder Hammer - Player's weapon is replaced by a giant hammer, and all attacks with cause the hero to slam the ground causing massive area-effect damage.

    Time Stop - Completely freezes every opponent on the screen, allowing the heroes to move freely, avoiding or destroying enemies as desired. Turbo Boost - Immediately fills the hero's Turbo Meter to the max. X-Ray - Allows the character to see the contents of treasure chests before opening them. This can be particularly useful in avoiding unsavory contents. Keys, Food and Gold Gold is used to buy either items or upgrades to your attributes.

    Keys are used to unlock gates and chests so as to obtain items or gain access to new areas. Food is an instant-use health pick-up. Fruit restores some health, while meat restores more. Items of Legend The Items of Legend are nine hidden items with the ability to give the player an advantage against a specific boss. The Book of Protection - Very effective against the Lich.

    The Scimitar of Decapitation - Used against the Chimera. The Soul Savior - A holy sigil that is made to block demonic magic. It eases the battle with Skorne. Characters The characters from Gauntlet: Legends make a comeback in Dark Legacy, in addition to four more starting characters, and thirteen new characters total. Starting Characters: Archer - Forest Realm. Her specialty is Speed.

    Dwarf - Ice Domain. His specialty is Strength. Jester - Dream World. His specialty is Speed. Knight - Sky Dominion. His specialty is Armor. Sorceress - Forsaken Province. Her specialty is Magic. Valkyrie - Castle Stronghold. Her specialty is Armor. Warrior - Mountain Kingdom. Wizard - Desert Lands. His specialty is Magic. Hyena - Speed Unlocked by completing the Haunted House bonus level.

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    Sumnera good wizard, has held watch over the eight realms for countless ages.

    Apple us sales Thus, there is much focus on fighting in the game. The longer you kill the enemies the more levels you gain. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Beware, you are proposing to add brand new pages to the wiki along with your edits. When I had my first PlayStation in was a 2 and this was by far my favorite game to play over and over. Where to Unlock Secret Jester Go to Dream world and in the second stage look for a orange door to unlock the jester. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live. Her specialty is Armor.
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    Nyc labor day parade 2013 Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Video Games. The Scimitar of Decapitation - Used against the Chimera. There was a problem. This will not affect the original upload Small Medium How do you want the image positioned around text? It is now up to the player to defeat the evil demon mage, and restore peace and order to the realms.
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    gauntlet dark legacy


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    Codex Gamicus Explore. Gamepedia support Report a bad ad Help Wiki Contact us. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Edit source History Talk 0. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. This weapon sets up a room-clearing earthquake when used. This will also set off anything even remotely close by, red and green barrels, hidden walls, and so forth. This article is a stub. You can help Codex Gamicus by expanding it. In Dark Legacy , the player has the added abilities of blocking, charging, and strafing.

    Strafing allows the player to constantly face one direction and fire medium-speed attacks. Blocking causes the player's character to stand still in a defensive position for a second or two. Any attacks made against the player are negated or do significantly less damage. When charging, players run forward with their weapons functioning like a lance while simultaneously blocking. Players can kill the enemies ahead of them while blocking their attacks. However, charging does consume a bit of the turbo gauge each time it is used.

    The gameplay has roots in the original Gauntlet games. Most levels involve simply running along a designated path, destroying enemies before they can kill the player. Like in Gauntlet and Gauntlet II , enemies spawn from generators.

    Only when the generator is destroyed will the enemies stop spawning. Some generators will take multiple hits to destroy; as the generator is weakened, it will spawn less powerful enemies, until it is destroyed completely. There are some levels that have a maze-like aspect and are harder to navigate. Generally, levels have the path to the end easily in sight, with separate side paths that are harder to access. These side paths usually lead to important items, such as treasure, legendary weapons which are used to weaken bosses , or runestones which are required to progress through the game.

    Some levels will have a short movie before the level loads, serving to introduce the player to new types of enemies, or alerting the player that a legendary weapon is hidden somewhere in the level. Runestones are not hinted at in movies, though if a level that has a runestone is exited without the runestone being found, an evil laugh sound is played. Food still recovers health in Dark Legacy as it did in Gauntlet II , with each type of food restoring a different amount of health.

    Treasure is a rarity in Dark Legacy , as it is used to purchase items in the shop. This is a difference from the earlier Gauntlet games, where treasure was plentiful, giving extra points, but not serving any other purpose. In addition, each set of characters has a special power they can use when they use magic potions at a certain level of experience.

    The wizard Sumner is also available to be played after being unlocked in one of the final levels of the game. In an ancient time, the evil mage Garm, using the power of the Runestones, released a great evil upon the land. This demon, Skorne, broke free of Garm's control, crushing him and imprisoning his soul in the underworld. Skorne then released his minions upon the land, and scattered the Runestones across the Eight Realms, so that they might never again be assembled and used against him. The manual included with the game elaborates on the story further, stating that Sumner is the good king of the eight realms and presides over them from his tower.

    The tower contained portals to all the realms for his easy access to them. It also stated that Garm, his younger brother, jealous of his power and status, searched for years for the 13 Runestones. Upon finding 12 after much toil of searching, he became impatient, and released Skorne then and there. Unfortunately, he was not able to control the demon without the 13th Runestone.

    Skorne summoned his minions and sent them through the portals in the tower to conquer the realms. Sumner, who was away at the time, returned to the tower, only to see the demon Skorne using it for his own evil gain. This infuriated Sumner, and he angrily engaged in battle with Skorne after sealing all the portals. Skorne was "no match" for Sumner's power, according to the manual, and he retreated into a deserted temple through Sumner's tower.

    Skorne shattered the enchanted stained glass window that was the only gateway to the temple, and gave one shard to each of his most powerful minions the bosses of the game. He also scattered the 12 assembled Runestones across the various worlds. The temple from that point on is referred to as the Desecrated Temple. The game is divided up into worlds, each containing a number of levels, all accessible from Sumner's tower.

    The player's first objective is to beat all the levels, vanquishing the bosses of the eight originally available worlds. The player must collect crystals scattered about the levels to deactivate Sumner's protective shielding and gain access to new worlds and more levels. Upon defeating the bosses, the stained-glass window is slowly restored, and the light pouring from it reveals a special portal in the tower. This portal takes the player to the 9th world, the Desecrated Temple. The player must fight through a single level packed with enemies.

    Upon exiting, the player is automatically transported to Skorne's chamber. Here the player has to defeat the demon Skorne. After his defeat, he retreats into the Underworld. The player must then collect 12 Runestones from the previous 8 worlds. Once that is accomplished, their power reveals another special portal in the tower, leading the player into the 10th world, the Underworld.

    There, after beating a single level, the player is automatically transported to the battle with True Skorne. The player defeats True Skorne, banishing him from the eight realms forever. But the war is not over. Garm absorbs the fading remnants of Skorne's power, becoming a huge, immensely powerful statue of Skorne.

    He forms an army and unleashes an assault upon Sumner's tower. The player's final goal is to beat the 11th and final world, the Battlegrounds. After beating the third level of this world and collecting the 13th Runestone that is hidden within it, the fourth and final special portal is revealed in the tower. This portal takes the player to Garm's Citadel, where the final battle of the game takes place.

    Daniel Erickson reviewed the PlayStation 2 version of the game for Next Generation , rating it three stars out of five: "It's not brain surgery, but it's good multi-player fun, and that's rare enough these days". Gauntlet Dark Legacy was met with good to mediocre reviews. Gerald Villoria of GameSpot stated of the Xbox and GameCube versions that "the game's extremely dated appearance and poor performance keep it from competing with other popular four-player games" at the time.

    Of all the console versions of the game, the PlayStation 2 version was the most well-received, with a score of 31 out of 40 from Famitsu , [16] and an average score of

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    Green- tanned skin, red-brown hair and clothes that are mostly green cloth with prominent leather belts with brass buckles. Blue- Light skin with dark brown hair that often has grey streaks. Medieval Europe themed blue clothing that often has scale mail elements. Yellow- Dark skin that usually has black hair, clothing is mostly flowing robes.

    In addition to appearances, the color selected makes bomb potions of the respective color slightly more effective. In the arcade version, progress is much more linear and players don't have the ability to fight a boss separately from the rest of the level. Thus the legendary weapons are all hidden in the same level as the boss. Starting the trend for future installments, monsters come in three levels of strength and are spawned by monster generators.

    Destroying these generators is a primary goal of the game and is essential for stopping the flood of monsters. Gauntlet Explore. Wiki Content. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. View source. History Talk 0. Gauntlet Dark Legacy contest shirt winner, only shirts were awarded.

    Categories Gauntlet Series. Universal Conquest Wiki. Trailer Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Top cast Edit. Douglas Lawrence. Lani Minella Sorceress as Sorceress voice …. Wally Fields. Tox Gunn. Patrice Crawford. Lani Minella. More like this. Storyline Edit. Until now. Friends who slay together, stay together. Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi. Did you know Edit. Quotes The Summoner : Blue wizard needs food badly.

    Connections Follows Gauntlet User reviews 1 Review. Details Edit. Release date May 2, United States. United States. Midway Home Entertainment Inc.

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