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    Portal panties

    portal panties

    Joy is simple, accessible and essential. To begin with, Intimate Portal brings you the signature series - Under the Bump Maternity Panties to the expecting. Intimate Portal Women Under The Bump Maternity Panties Pregnancy Postpartum Underwear Panties · Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry · Women · Maternity · Intimates · Panties. Intimate Portal period panties are full-coverage menstrual underwear that gives you extra assurance against leaks. TRANNY GOLD Step 8 Enter the server application Stage page where. Interestingly, this reprint win one of. Table Inspector : are not supported.

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    To make the journey a little bit easier, we carry a wide range of inner wear that is comfy for your bump and pretty for your soul. Size Guide: See last product image for size guide Go by hip measurement for perfect fit Care instructions: Machine wash cold. Hang dry recommended or tumble dry at cool setting.

    Use less energy for a greener world and newer clothings. About the size: the size we use is made reference to adult standard. When purchasing for tweens, we recommend one size smaller. Warning: this protective brief MUST use together with pads, it should not be worn alone. Still got more quesiton? You can use these undies solo during your period if you have a light to medium flow. If you have a super heavy flow - they can be used as backup in addition to your normal routine.

    These undies are hypoallergenic. The interior of the underwear that makes contact with the skin is antimicrobial cotton. Getting annoyed with regular women briefs not staying in the right place? They either keep rolling down or pinching too much on the sensitive bump. Intimate Portal Stay-Fit Under the Bump maternity underwear panties offer possibly the best fit for expectant mommies by the lightweight stretch-band enfolded along the seams so it tucks comfortably without slipping or rolling.

    Bringing comfort and joy is what Intimate Portal always strives for. We carry a wide range of maternity inner wear that are comfy for your bump and pretty for your soul. Have It All! As bodies change from one trimester to another, the amount of coverage and support that we need varies over time. Other than our call for ultimate comfort, maternity fashion is now getting more fun and stylish than ever. It is essential to have different styles of maternity underwear to perfect the mix-and-match.

    The cozy fitting offered by this full brief is simply too yummy! Made of stretchy cotton fabric, this women cotton underwear is breathable and stretchy to your every movement. What's more? No panty lines for sure! Looking down, I began to see a small bulge in my stomach every time the massive cock pushed inside. Doing my best to keep my composure on the bus was hard, keeping in my moans and stopping myself from moving my hips with the movement of being pounded.

    I was getting desperately close to orgasm and could feel my pussy throbbing with need every time that cock thrusted into me. I was only ten minutes from my bus stop now, hopefully I can last long enough to get off this crowded bus. Suddenly, something inside me started swelling almost like a little balloon. I felt it pop in and out of my entrance before becoming too big to come out, it didn't stop there though.

    It kept swelling until I thought I was gonna tear in half, the pressure of it on my g-spot was too intense and I finally came. Holding in my moans and shaking in my knees I thought it was over but felt small movements from the cock grinding into me. Already being so sensitive I couldn't help the small wimper that left my mouth that was hopefully muffled by my mask. The cock inside me stilled and throbbed as I felt warm liquid shoot inside of me.

    It wouldn't stop and I could see my stomach swelling even more, this once again sent me over the edge and I came hard with a groan. This didn't seem to help with my situation down there as my walls clenched and twitched almost encouraging more cum too spill out of the cock.

    My stomach was already poking out from the bottom of my shirt and it was still being filled. By the time it stopped, I looked seven months pregnant and my stomach felt heavy and tight. Seeing my bus stop in the near distance, I quickly got off while trying to act as normal as I could with a massive dick buried inside of me and full of cum. Making the walk back home as quick as possible I got inside and dumped my backpack on the floor of my room, exhausted from the events that just transpired I flopped into bed and laid there hoping for the cock inside me to pull out.

    Plain text with limited HTML? Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Comments: 1 Kudos: Bookmarks: 27 Hits: Portal Panties Brunosimp02 Summary: A bunch of scenarios that I think up involving portal panties, this is my first time writing so would love any criticism or requests. Chapter 1 : The Bus Summary: Public sex on bus and cumflation.

    Chapter Text It was a Saturday so I didn't have much that I needed to do, with the extra time on my hands I decided to go to the mall and get some new clothes. I haven't heard of that one before" After paying for them I stopped by the bathroom before leaving the mall, deciding to immediately try on my new panties, I took off my old ones and put them in my backpack.

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