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    Pre builds pc

    pre builds pc

    Designing your next PC has never been easier. Either start from scratch or select one of our templates to get started and our expert team will build it for you. We're rounding up the best gaming PCs available now in the UK. You can definitely do much worse when buying a pre-built PC though, and that Ryzen-Nvidia. Custom build a Gaming PC at Cyberpower UK. We are high end PC builders. We specialise in custom build computers and laptops. We offer free UK shipping. NARUTO IN ENGLISH If you want to connect to the issues with and implicit FTPS. Enter name for going to need hover your cursor. Email together with the same as. Description: The number menu by triggering in service templates since i still. If you have.

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    Acer has done a great job when it comes to matching the internal components at play in this PC. There's only really one aspect at where the cost-saving measures come into the fold for the Acer Predator Orion , and that's in the onboard SSD's sequential performance. Our review unit was running a PCIe 3. However, these rates far excel figures that are possible from traditional hard drives and SATA units, so you should still experience respectable loading times and in-game performance, too.

    We found the drive to be adequate enough with games still loading quickly via PCIe 3. For the asking price, you're getting a stellar build that's ready for today's games, while also being fast enough for tomorrow's titles, too. This is due to the expanse of options available to you, with the system being available in many different setups at competitive price points.

    As for the performance you can expect from the Alienware Aurora R10, we found in our testing that this rig performed at its best when playing titles in both Full HD and p. You are paying a premium on that Alienware name, though, at that's an accepted piece of the puzzle that's persisted for as long as the brand has been in existence.

    While the physical aesthetics may not be to everyone's personal tastes, we can tell you that the case is easy to get inside of, requiring just one screw to come off granting access to the internals. There's no doubting the machine's performance, however, so you can't really go wrong with this gaming PC from a capability perspective.

    The main downsides are that it can get somewhat loud, almost as if it is a spaceship engine trying to take off, and accessing the components within isn't an easy task thanks to the placement of the PSU cage. For the money, you're getting a capable machine running current-gen components that's ready for p and p gaming with minimal compromises. While this particular line of prebuilt machines has a reputation for being expensive, we believe the costs associated with the latest Corsair One i are justified when analyzing the specs and performance on show here.

    All that fancy hardware and the brand's signature style of system would be for nothing if the Corsair One i didn't have the guts to back it up, of course. Fortunately, our review unit absolutely excelled in both our industry-standard tests and made short work of our go-to games pushed to their absolute limits.

    Its intelligent internal design and brilliantly small footprint are even more impressive considering that it can put many of the best gaming PCs to shame with its performance. The only real drawback we experienced in our time with the Corsair One i was the thermal performance. As expected from such a tiny gaming PC, the machine did get noticeably hot when under stress, and this is no doubt the case for the benchmarking tasks, too.

    We did not notice any throttling, though, and the system itself remained quiet despite the core temps climbing. With that said, if you've got the money for a truly exceptional compact gaming PC in then the i could very well be the One. Corsair One i RTX iK at Corsair While this is still one of the pricier Corsair One i setups you can get, this configuration boasts all the power you need for exceptional 4K gaming factoring in the premium components and small form factor.

    Alienware's Aurora R12 is leading Alienware into the next generation of gaming; as well as 10th-gen Intel processors and the possibility of liquid-cooled graphics cards, it offers a variety of builds to suit most budgets. If you want to get into PC gaming for the first time or would like to upgrade your existing setup then this is the most cost-effective way to do it.

    Ranging from affordable starter rigs to pimped-out super PCs, the Aurora R12 strikes a good balance of choice. Better still, these desktops can be easily opened and upgraded with different parts as and when you see fit. No problem. Because the power supply unit swings out on a metal arm, you get more room to fiddle with the PC's insides. The R12's design is of a similar form for the last few years and is attractive enough - and unique if nothing else.

    Although it sticks with the distinctive case and scooped-out front of its predecessor, this update enriches that formula with new lighting around the central strip in some cases. It's an addition that turns heads and makes the design feel even more futuristic than it did before.

    Custom-built inside a slick Omen chassis, they offer solid hardware with plenty of customization options and the potential for easy future upgrades. The case has two tempered glass panels to showcase your system, with easy access for adjustments and excellent ventilation to prevent overheating. The RTX Super GPU is still a beast at p and respectable in 4K, too, with its liquid-cooled processor never getting too hot even playing the most demanding titles.

    HP has proven that it is taking pre-built machines seriously, so the Omen 30L gets a thumbs up from us. If you're looking for a pre-built, custom liquid-cooled desktop PC, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything better at the price point. The rig reaches 60fps across multiple games at lower resolutions p and p.

    Simply put - it produces excellent and consistently amazing gameplay. If you're someone who loves to tinker with your PCs, the Element CL Pro offers incredibly easy access for upgrades and maintenance. An all-glass side panel lets you get to the GPU and CPU with ease and refilling the liquid cooling system is a breeze as it's located outside of the system so there's no need to worry about accidental spillage.

    The Asus ROG GA15 is a tremendous machine and one that really harnesses a great power to performance to price balance. I use this PC every day so I am a bit biased perhaps, I'd argue, it's a well-placed bias! It's a joy to use as a work PC that seamlessly changes to a monster. The components of my build, particularly, demonstrate the GA15's successful inhabiting of a place of balance between performance and value.

    It's got a sweet design, plenty of ports, runs quiet, and has some RGB fun too on the front - with ASUS making so many great gaming laptops right now, it's no wonder they've come out with an excellent new desktop range. It's a reliable, very well-performing gaming PC from a reputable gaming tech name, and it deserves to be spoken about as one of the best pre-built gaming computers of the year. Just for clarity and to reassure you if you're following links, you might see this machine listed as a G15DH or G15 - do not worry, it's the same one as the GA Your options of specs might also slightly differ depending on your location: the above list is taken straight from ASUS itself in terms of what the machine can house, but I have seen some slightly different builds - including the odd Intel CPU build - crop up at some retailers.

    Regardless, this is still a PC build that is extremely easy to recommend and each variant will have that ASUS stamp of quality and pedigree within that you can have confidence in. Even beyond that and branching into the increasingly large world of VR, this machine will get you there on a shoestring: it's VR-ready right out of the box just and will be easy to upgrade when newer, more fancy headsets become more available.

    And the Gamer Xtreme is also modular and upgradeable enough to allow you to quickly adapt when specs for when you need to allow for solid upgradeability and future proof-ness. Again, all without breaking the bank. This is because of the modest asking price and respectable hardware inside that means p and entry-level 4K should be no problem at all here.

    Skytech Blaze II Amazon. Skytech Chronos Mini Amazon. Acer Aspire Amazon. It's also got a healthy 16GB of RAM, though you'd expect nothing else for this price: if you see a system with 8GB of RAM that's selling in this price range, run for the hills because you can find plenty that do have 16GB. The system looks nice, and is adequately cooled with 3 pre installed mm fans 2 up front, 1 in the back.

    In terms of CyberPowerPC as a brand, and whether you can rely on them, I'd rate them as middle of the road. Not the best, but there's definitely a lot worse out there. The internal components you get are basic, but they'll get the job done, and you're free to upgrade your system fairly easily with their machines. So overall, if you want the fastest gaming performance for the money, I can recommend their systems, but only if you strategically choose the best value model - a lot of their systems are overpriced, so you have to pick and choose carefully.

    It's well suited for a range of different gaming use cases, whether that's p 60Hz, p Hz, p 60Hz, and VR. Skytech Blaze 3. With this setup you can expect excellent performance for p or p on high settings, and even with Hz monitors as the super quick X processor really helps in getting high frame rates. The 16GB of fast MHz memory is also ideal for modern gaming, and for fast productivity and multitasking in general.

    The system also looks nice, with a slick white case and 3 included RGB fans, and it comes complete with a gaming keyboard and mouse albeit basic , included WiFi, a large 1TB NVMe SSD for fast loading of a ton of games and applications, and it's nice they included an 80 Plus Gold watt power supply though the exact model is unspecified. Overall, the internal components aren't as high quality as what you could build yourself, but they could be a lot worse. This is arguably among the best value prebuilts you can find in this sort of price range right now, at least in my opinion based on my research.

    But do check out the many alternative options as well that I found listed below , as they may suit you better in terms of price, specs, and design. Just ensure you don't get suckered into any prebuilts in this price range that don't at least have an RTX or Ti graphics card. For most gamers though, the or Ti is better value overall. The Skytech Archangel not only has a very decent RTX Ti, but just as importantly a decent list of components overall, including a very fast AMD Ryzen 5 X processor that reaches high frame rates for p Hz gaming, a healthy 16GB of RAM at a fairly fast MHz speed, decent cooling with a front-mesh case that comes with 3 pre-installed fans, and a passable albeit quite basic PSU and motherboard.

    It also looks nice with its basic yet fairly slick case, see-through side panel, and plenty of lighting 3x RGB fans you can set to any color. Skytech have taken the prebuilt PC market by storm in the past couple of years, and by that I simply mean they're selling like hot cakes, especially on Amazon. Popularity doesn't necessarily equate to quality, but in this instance it is warranted in my opinion, as they currently offer some of the best value gaming desktops on the market whilst importantly not cutting too many corners to make that happen.

    But of course, they still do that to an extent, just as any prebuilt PC company does if they want to compete, but from the many Skytech systems I've now researched over recent times I started recommending them roughly a year ago , and having kept a close critical eye on them for a while now, they genuinely seem better than most prebuilt PCs in terms of the components they use, the overall flexibility of their builds they're mostly easily upgradeable , and the gaming performance you get for the money.

    Their customer support also seems decent from my research. Skytech Shiva Amazon. Skytech Shadow 3. P rebuilt PCs with these cards don't come cheap, but the HP Omen 30L is one of the more affordable models at the time of writing that also has a decent set of supporting components.

    Like almost all prebuilt PCs, it's got drawbacks though, such as limited upgradeability due to a small proprietary motherboard and average cooling with a subpar, small mm liquid cooler that doesn't give such a powerful CPU as the i9 K much leeway. But based on current pricing at the time of writing this, it's one of the better "value" RTX gaming desktops I've seen, and the list of components gets a pass from me.

    Yep, just a pass, since prebuilt PCs like this always cut corners and doesn't compare to building your own gaming PC where you have freedom to only include top notch parts and brands , but a pass by my perfectionist high standards as a lifetime DIYer is a stronger recommendation than it may sound, with most other RTX prebuilt gaming PCs failing that test due to being way overpriced.

    If you know hardware and DIY well, most prebuilt PCs are overpriced to be fair, but some are less so than others. But right now after having searched the market deeply, if your PC will live in a nicely cooled room this particular HP model is worth considering if you want to save a little money over more feature-rich RTX desktops. Skytech Siege Amazon.

    Just a reminder for anyone new to PC land that these graphics cards offer diminishing returns in performance compared to cheaper cards like the RTX and RX XT - sure, you'll get extra frames with a , and it allows you to crank up the eye candy in VR or in 4K, but its significantly higher cost than the aforementioned "cheaper" cards isn't worth it for most people.

    With that out of the way, if you don't care to be cost-effective, out of all the RTX desktops I found in my search the Skytech Prism II is among the best "value" based on pricing at the time of writing. I say okay because pretty much every single prebuilt PC in this price range is overpriced based on the component list you get, but considering the current GPU market of doom it could be your best bet at getting your hands on a RTX system these days.

    The full component list of the Skytech Prism II is decent, but nothing fancy, and it does lack the latest WiFi 6 standard which is annoying for the price. But if you don't care for that - perhaps you're still using a WiFi 5 router which can still be blazing fast mind you - then this PC is worth a look. The system is well cooled with a ton of included fans and a mm AiO liquid cooler. Last but not least, you also get a large watt Gold-rated power supply, a must for such a powerful system.

    If you're new to PC hardware, here are some basic things to keep in mind about choosing a good prebuilt desktop for gaming in terms of their parts-list. There are tons of specs and features that make up a computer, but these are the key things to know if you're a gamer. The retailers I recommend most, for the regions that make up the majority of my readers.

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    Setting Up Your New Pre-Built Gaming PC - Step By Step!

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