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    Linksys ea8300

    linksys ea8300

    Ideal for homes that push their Wi-Fi to the limit, the Max Stream EA wireless router features revolutionary Multi User MIMO technology that delivers Wi-Fi. Buy it with · Linksys - Max-Stream AC Tri-Band Wi-Fi Router (EA) · + · ARRIS SURFboard SB DOCSIS Gigabit Cable Modem | Approved for Cox, Xfinity. An AC router, the EA is equipped with a quad-core processor, MB of memory, and ac circuitry with three radio bands (one GHz. 9127200 BOSCH To change the. AnyDesk is an representation or warranty of any kind, and SAP Group shall not be in React meeting accessing remote Dekstop. Select as Standby you can close you'll ever need.

    Linksys automatically pushes the software update to your router overnight and seamlessly bring the latest features and security to your home network. Your Linksys router will be consistently getting better over time. Improve your overall home Wi-Fi efficiency with the EA thanks to Airtime Fairness, a feature that ensures even, fair distribution of Wi-Fi to different devices.

    This helps to reduce the lag associated with slower Wi-Fi devices. Smart Connect feature balances your 5 GHz Wi-Fi connections and intelligently chooses the best radio band for your devices for the best Wi-Fi performance of your network. Linksys SPI Firewall will distinguish legitimate packets for different types of connections. Only packets matching a known active connection are allowed to pass the firewall.

    DoS attack is an attempt to make a computer or network resource unavailable to its intended users, with Linksys DoS protection, we will block all the possible DoS attack to keep your network running smoothly. With the Linksys App, you can closely monitor and manage your home Wi-Fi remotely using a smartphone or tablet. Back To The Top. Notify me when available. More Features. Guest Access: Create a separate, password-protected Wi-Fi network for up to 50 guests and easily share the password.

    Parental Controls: Ensure a safe Internet experience for your kids -- even when you're away from home. Restrict access to inappropriate or distracting content, control usage, and block specific devices from accessing the Internet. Device Prioritization: You can prioritize devices that need the most speed. Speed Test: Easily test and monitor your Internet connection's speed. Set up your home Wi-Fi using a Linksys App-enabled router.

    Download the free Linksys App. Technical Specs. Reviews Press. The information you provided is invalid or incomplete. Please revise the areas highlighted in red below. Invalid email address. Please review. Error submitting review. Please try again later. My Rating and Review Overall Rating. Excellent Great Good Fair Poor. About Me Username.

    This helps to reduce the lag associated with slower Wi-Fi devices. Only packets matching a known active connection are allowed to pass the firewall. DoS attack is an attempt to make a computer or network resource unavailable to its intended users, with Linksys DoS protection, we will block all the possible DoS attack to keep your network running smoothly. Restrict access to inappropriate or distracting content, control usage, and block specific devices from accessing the Internet.

    Set up your home Wi-Fi using a Linksys App-enabled router. Download the free Linksys App. Ideal for busy families with multiple connected devices, this router offers ample bandwidth for simultaneous 4K and HD video streaming, next-gen online gaming, and other data-heavy activities. The router's three dedicated bands help minimize lag even when multiple devices are connected. Traditional routers and range extenders force you to manually connect to either the range extender's or router's network in order to experience the best Wi-Fi signal.

    But thanks to Seamless Roaming support, the AC router lets your device automatically switch to the strongest signal as you move around your home, with less buffering and fewer dropped calls. Devices such as 4K TVs, HD streaming media players, tablets, and game consoles consume a lot of bandwidth. Your whole family can play online games, stream 4K videos, and browse simultaneously without experiencing lag or buffering.

    Device Type Wi-Fi range extender. WAN Ports Qty 1. Device Type Wireless router. Device Type Wireless router - 4-port switch integrated. Compare Compare Products.

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    We apologize Excellent Great Good Fair Poor. Add to Cart. I had no issues setting up and connecting the router to the internet. Back To The Top. I will write this off as an expensive lesson and will not buy Linksys again Date published:
    Linksys ea8300 The Linksys tech rep called as arranged. Even my sister who is upstairs in the corner of the house gets great signal. The EA wireless router features four external adjustable antennas that provide four powerful streams of data to your devices--ensuring complete coverage of your home. No CD required. Schedule kids' time online and manage their online activity from anywhere with Linksys App technology.
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    The apps offer the same customization level as the browser-based interface, such as changing channels, changing channel widths, setting port forwarding rules, and so on. Users can adjust the router no matter where they are located if the app and the router can access the internet.

    With that said, the EA is obviously not a plug-and-play solution, as users have full control over the network settings. This latter panel provides settings for sharing files, creating an FTP file server, and creating a media server. This is broken down into four sections: Connectivity, Troubleshooting, Wireless, and Security. Thus, users will see separate 2. We appreciate this because it allows us to test the 2.

    The band steering option we briefly mentioned earlier resides in the Wireless section. Enabled by default, it will pair the two 5GHz bands together, thus you will see only one 5GHz connection. When a wireless device connects to the router, band steering will place it on one of the two 5GHz bands. When the device moves throughout the home or office, the router will move the device between the two 5GHz bands to provide the best throughput.

    This is called load balancing, and applies to all roaming devices connected to the 5GHz connection. Users will still see speeds of up to Mbps. That said, disabling band steering is as simple as a single click. Once that is done, the second 5GHz band becomes a stand-alone connection. More specifically, with band steering enabled, the two 5GHz bands cannot be altered outside the network name, security mode, password, and broadcast SSID options. But once the two bands are decoupled, users can customize their network modes, channels, and channel width.

    However, to see both 5GHz bands on a list of access points, they must have different network names, too. Unfortunately, it appears to have a speed cap of Mbps. Given that the router has two single-band and two dual-band antennas, each 2. A look into the 2.

    Of course, throughput relies on where exactly the device resides in the house versus the location of the router. It also depends on how the client device communicates with the router, and here we saw some trouble on the 5GHz band. Perhaps the issue is the band steering feature that automatically pushes devices from one 5GHz to the other. But checking the 5GHz bands individually by turning off band steering seemed like the next logical step in investigating the bottleneck.

    To see what the router is using, band steering must be temporarily deactivated, so we can toy with the channels and channel widths. Getting the phone to break past that Mbps barrier became an annoying, unproductive crusade. And we saw similar issues with other devices. Android is the go-to platform for benchmarking router throughput because the platform supports speed monitoring.

    Continue to tap on the connected Wi-Fi access point listing, and Android will refresh the information. Adding to that, Google Play is loaded with apps that will test the connection speed and signal strength. Thus, Android devices are ideal for checking speeds in and outside of buildings. Here is what we found with three different Android devices at specific locations throughout the house. First, the 5GHz band with band steering enabled:.

    Notice that overall, even if the throughput is unusually slow, the speed is consistent no matter where we moved save for a few performance drops with the Galaxy S7 Edge. That may be due to beamforming technology, which in theory creates a dedicated lane for each connected device. On the Windows front, there are two problems with determining throughput. The second problem is that Windows only provides a static maximum theoretical throughput speed, and not the actual speed of the connection.

    Thus, to determine the throughput, you need a server with a wired gigabit connection to the router, and a client machine for testing the wireless speed. Coverage was enough for the entirety of our roughly 2, square foot space, even the far corners and closets.

    Overall, we thought the Linksys EA performed very well in our main 2, square foot space. The current version is even more user friendly. Setting up the router through a web browser or their mobile app is a breeze and Linksys offers plenty of additional features.

    Parental Controls allow you to restrict access, control usage, and block specific devices from accessing the internet. Media Prioritization is as simple as dragging and dropping devices from the normal priority section to high priority. You can even create access schedules for specific devices, restricting access to certain times of the day.

    Linksys did a great job on the software end of things, and both the web interface and mobile app are intuitive and easy to use. Refurbished, these routers are a really great value but at their normal street price for a new unit, they face some stiff competition. There are some major differences between the two routers but the Asus RT-AC86U comes out on top when it comes to throughput speeds and overall coverage.

    It only has three antennas instead of six and operates on two bands instead of three. Those two bands can reach peak performances higher than the Linksys EA, though. It certainly does the job, reaching 2. With its single 5. We have experience with a lot of ASUS products including tablets, motherboards, graphics cards, and more. We love Linksys products and have always had a great experience. The Linksys EA has speeds that will be more than enough for a lot of small- to medium-sized households and coverage can easily be extended with a range extender.

    By Benjamin Zeman. Benjamin Zeman. Benjamin Zeman has a background in film, photography, and graphic design. His work has been published on SlateDroid. Tweet Share Email. Setup Process. Network Performance. Final Verdict. Final Verdict An amazing router if you can find it on sale. Product Dimensions 8. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! Email Address Sign up There was an error. Please try again. You're in! Thanks for signing up. There was an error.

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