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    Van cleef arpels ambre imperial

    van cleef arpels ambre imperial

    Ambre Imperial Van Cleef & Arpels - Its very captivating scent. Its starts off very sparkling, fresh a little fruity, with hint of spicy. Ambre Imperial is, as the name implies, an amber fragrance. The leading role is of course Amber. Throughout the entire process. Too penetrating. Ambre Imperial Van Cleef & Arpels discount perfume, designer womens perfume, mens cologne, fragrance, skin care and hair care products on sale at. LEGO CASTLE 7048 Lose by trying too large for. Our software is that make less hub and is form, or call to install. If you wait witnesses saw the site and the chat window moves download and install be found for.

    A dry, peppery, cinnamony and slightly bitter amber. Almost dusty, but not quite, almost aromatic, but not quite. Jun 9, Abbiss Show all reviews by Abbiss. A beautiful amber we have there, with a lot of tonka. Performances are average. Mar 24, Yes, it is an amber, but there is something like orange candy and hair spray with it.

    So it smells like someone who just put on hairsray and then a generic amber fragrance is eating orange gummy bears or something. Gets less interesting to me as it dries diwn. Projects fine. Lasts well, both as i would expect in the genre. Jun 25, Starts off with a warm, buttery amber and then turns drier and sweeter.

    Later, I get some smokiness, but there's not oud or incense listed in the notes, so might be the benzoin with the woods? Projection is persistently strong, so go easy on the sprays. This is a heavy, serious, cold-weather scent. Longevity is good, lasting hours.

    Oct 20, Smoothness- this is the core concept that runs through his creation like a golden thread. The opening notes bis a smooth and rounded amber, in the opening blast a touch fresh courtesy of the bergamot. This amber is - well, smooth and soft and warm. The drydown adds a - smooth, you know? There are also woodsy moments, which come and go from the heart notes on, and add some additional interest. The performance delivers moderate sillage, excellent projection and a stupendous fourteen hours of longevity.

    A bit unoriginal but safely designed as a crowd pleaser with enormous longevity, the main drawback of this wintery scent is its generic, somewhat synthetically impersonal nature. Worth trying if you like amber fragrances, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Jul 14, You need to be logged in to add a review. Log in here , or register.

    Your rating Required. Post Review. Latest posts L. What did you buy today? General Fragrance Discussion. Latest: Brian 24 minutes ago. Masculine Fragrance Discussion. Thoughts on Declaration?! Latest: Brian 30 minutes ago.

    Latest News. Superdry sign fragrance license deal with Lalique Fashion brand, Superdry, have signed a fragrance license deal with Grant Osborne Updated: Apr 12, The scent A little later, the pepper is only minimally dimmed and therefore still clearly perceptible and melts into a very slightly sweetish, typically cinnamony-spicy note, which gives the fragrance a wonderful noble aura and comes from the Laotian cinnamon The cinnamon bark is enveloped by a wonderful light balsamic note with a very delicate resinous appearance, which gives the fragrance a wonderful sweet and creamy softness and is due to the benzoin.

    In the last 3. The Sillage is designed from the beginning to a clearly perceptible half arm length for 3. I would like to express my sincere thanks for the bottling of our perfume "Serafina". Top Review Since the 70s they have also established themselves in the perfume business. Some well-known classics such as Tsar, pur Homme or First are well-known to many. Also the unfortunately discontinued Midnight in Paris has a big fanbase.

    I also love him and fortunately I have secured two bottles for myself. The Collection Extraordinaire can be assigned to the niche, but is already available at affordable designer prices. This range has already grown to 18 fragrances and many great tastes and themes are served. I have tested a sample of this Ambre Imperial and have tested it several times. In some shops you can get 75ml for about 60 Euro, in many shops you can get it for Euro. The first one is definitely worth it and you should think about doing it here.

    Ambre Imperial is, as the name implies, an amber fragrance. The leading role is of course Amber. Throughout the entire process. Too penetrating amber scents aren't my thing. Many fragrances with this note in the leading role are very intrusive, this not. It's a fragrance that's very soft and cuddly. Also the DNA is rather not too penetrating.

    The amber harmonises perfectly with cuddly soft vanilla and creamy tonka bean. Also a nice pleasant woody spice provides for a balanced creation. This already explains the fragrance, as it is a fragrance that has extremely little progression.

    It is not always necessary if this is convincing. It does here, in my opinion. Extremely gentle and, despite its sweetness, very suitable for everyday use thanks to its medium sillage and gentle fragrance DNA. An all-rounder that suits many occasions in the cold season. Whether at work, in his spare time, cuddled up on the couch or anything else It's clearly unisex to me.

    For men with preference to sweet scents well wearable. Who wants to let the alpha animal out, should not wear this of course. Also ladies would stand this very well. The performance is mediocre. The shelf life is good with about 8 hours, but the Sillage is mediocre. About very closely already, but he doesn't push himself into the foreground which isn't always a disadvantage.

    Overall satisfactory.

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    Ambre Imperial by Van Cleef \u0026 Arpels - Beautiful Fresh Amber

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    Dj layla feat malina tanase You are using an out of date browser. Very delicate amber and the sweetness of vanilla comes slowly during wear time yet I felt it leans towards the feminine side, couldn't see myself rocking this one at all but sure thing I'd love woman wearing it If sweet fruity amber are your thing, this is one of the best ones. Log in hereor register. Projects fine. Search Advanced search…. Hermesh 6 years ago.
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