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    Lenovo thinkpad edge 15 inch

    lenovo thinkpad edge 15 inch

    The Lenovo Edge 15 is a laptop with an identity crisis—it's sold as the Flex 2 Pro Inch in non-U.S. markets—but it still has plenty of. So Lenovo has released the Edge, a range of affordable, business-centric laptops with 'progressive, sophisticated' designs intended to combat. Lenovo's new Edge 15 is an extremely thin and lightweight inch laptop with a degree flexible display hinge. This "dual-mode" laptop lets you turn the. SLIP OUT This kind of. Highly scalable network number in the Cantaloupe config-if crypto. The message reported used to get mix, network topology, of Source data.

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    Soon in retail: The series' 11 inch alternative. The Edge ThinkPads surprise with a new, fresh, yet even still plain design. Soft curves have replaced the classic ThinkPad's edgy design. And there are two new colors for the display lid, next to the typical black: anthracite and red. Merely the ThinkPad logo on the case's upper side and on the base unit is striking.

    The logo's red illuminated "I" dot that indicates the notebook's operating status is smart. Lenovo forgoes on other, typical operating indicators, such as for hard disk activity or WLAN status. There are only small LEDs on the LAN interface and power socket - but because they are on the sides, they are hardly noticed.

    There are also no hot keys or WLAN button. We haven't often come across such plainness in the past. A silver rim adorns the display lid and base unit, and gives them a stable impression. Unfortunately it's not metal, but merely a decorative plastic frame.

    Nevertheless, the case's plastic seems high-end and provide the base unit with the necessary torsional stiffness. Regrettably, this can't be said of the display. Whilst the display lid of the classic ThinkPad couldn't be twisted at all, it's possible on the Edge. The lower edge, between the display hinges, is particularly instable.

    But, the Edge follows the tradition of many other laptops here. The next weak point on the case is the keyboard's right quarter, over the optical drive. There seems to be a cavity underneath the keyboard. The area around the "enter" key can be depressed strongly. This shouldn't be underestimated, because it lessens the typing comfort during use more about that in "Input Devices".

    The renunciation from the original ThinkPad design also means the renunciation from the display's "clamshell" design. And thus, the lid doesn't close as precisely anymore, especially since there is no display latch. The TP Edge also places itself in the queue of many standard cases in this point. Talking about latches : The hinges don't have to only keep the display closed, but also should provide good grip on the opened display.

    The Edge isn't as successful as the higher quality T models, either. Most ports are found on the case's right or left side for easy access for some ThinkPad generations. The TP Edge isn't an exception. The laptop projector, network cable or USB hard disk is easily connected without contortions. A drawback is that the connected device's cables stand out from the notebook's sides. Thus, it could waste valuable desktop space or even impair navigating with a mouse under certain circumstances.

    The rear is almost completely reserved by the battery and only leaves enough room for one USB port and air vents. Merely the cardreader is found on the front without a dirt protection cover. All interfaces are easily accessible and usually also leave enough room for the devices to be connected with a sufficient distance. UMTS is used. Lenovo has probably saved on a docking station port for cost reasons and differentiation from the other series.

    Lenovo has treated the Edge to numerous communication interfaces with Bluetooth standard 2. The bundle is finished off with an integrated webcam, including microphone. The camera's picture quality is moderate, but the frame rate is smoother than that of cheap 15 euro webcams.

    Thus, it should suffice for occasional video conferences. UMTS is also available as an option for the little Edges. Older interfaces, such as infrared or modem, have been economized. Lenovo isn't stingy with security.

    A hard disk sensor , as in all ThinkPad models, protects the hard disk against data loss during heavy vibrations or drops. The hard disk's read and write heads are pulled back from the magnetic disks in time. The splash water proof keyboard is another security feature.

    An integrated fingerprint scanner is only available for the 15 inch notebooks' configuration and wasn't included in our test model. Moreover, there is no TPM module. Backup and recovery software is an integral part of the ThinkVantage software bundle and installed on all ThinkPad devices.

    The professional alignment on business market becomes at latest evident in the supplies and service options. Although we miss a docking station for the Edge series, there is a port replicator for a USB port. A larger battery extends the runtime and various warranty and service options finish off the package. The scope of delivery is just as simple as the Edge design. There is nothing inside of the carton beside the adapter and a quick guide.

    You even have to create the recovery DVD yourself. That is however quite simple due to the installed software and recovery partition on the hard disk. We find the idea to transform the adapter into a multi-functional charger clever. Merely a one year warranty is included for the Edge. Then you receive a fast repair or a replacement device even for damage caused by overvoltage or water, depending on the service package - naturally for a surcharge.

    The combinations are numerous. We place high expectations on the keyboard because that what has "ThinkPad" in its name wakes the according expectations on typing comfort. The keyboard built into the Edge is now made in a chiclet look and fits seamlessly into the minimalistic design.

    The keys have a short stroke length and a soft, but clear pressure point. The keys' material is pleasantly high-end and even manages to convey a touch of elegance. The enter, backspace and shift keys are agreeably big. In return the cursor keys are too small. The "page" keys have been placed unfavorably. They are on the right and left of the up cursor. The keys have been submerged, but because the cursor keys are only about half the size of standard keys, you tend to hit the wrong one.

    Nevertheless, as already mentioned in "Case", the keyboard has a major drawback. The area around the backspace, enter and cursor keys is very instable. This region yields strongly during typing and the keys wedge in every now and again for a short time. Thus, the stroke length and pressure point of these keys completely lose their clarity and leaves an almost revolting typing feel.

    The F keys main functions have been relegated to secondary assignment via the "FN" key. We think that is very practical. The touchpad is very big in comparison to other ThinkPads or notebooks. The touchpad's surface material is just as pleasant and high-end as the keyboard.

    It also is capable of multi-gestures with two fingers. The Lenovo Edge can score with that in ergonomics. Of course, the Trackpoint shouldn't be left out on a ThinkPad. It is a real alternative to a mouse or touchpad. The cursor can be controlled precisely and longer working isn't difficult with the Trackpoint due to the large surface. Lenovo has always put the focus on the Trackpoint, because it is given three extra mouse keys.

    The touchpad only has two. Even the frugal office worker has certain demands on the display of his computing servant. It should be bright and evenly illuminated, and have an AR coated surface. However, the notebook doesn't take homogeneousness quite so seriously. The brightness rate decreases extremely towards the right. The black value of 1. This application scenario isn't a prime issue for office devices anyway. The limited color space is typical for this notebook category.

    Just like the viewing angle dependency. The ThinkPad Edge's display disqualifies itself for multimedia applications, like games or DVDs, due to a very visible fine grid. This is especially unpleasant with DVDs. You have the impression that you're looking at an interlaced video. The display is just as unsuitable for outdoor use - despite AR coating. It would have needed a considerably higher brightness.

    Lenovo considers the individual needs of small business with various processor and graphics chip platforms. So, there is also various incorporated graphics chips form the respective manufacturer available, aside from devices with AMD and Intel processors. This dual core processor 2.

    There is also a HD graphics chip built in. It clocks between and MHz and supports high definition video decoding. Data is stored on a GB sized hard disk with rpm. In comparison to other business laptops, such as the recently reviewed Toshiba Tecra M11 , the Thinkpad Edge places itself within the expected range in terms of application performance. The PCMark benchmark test rates the test system at hand with a total of points.

    The comparison with Toshiba's Tecra A11 proves that can be done better, or rather faster. It scores points in the same application benchmark. Basically, the given application performance is absolutely sufficient for standard office tasks. The Edge also supplies enough processing performance for HD videos due to the HD graphics chip support. The built-in hard disk provides the data within the range of standard transfer rates without visible performance restrictions.

    The optical drive also writes double layer DVDs. However, such media isn't suitable for backing up sensitive business data due to their short durability. You should change to other media for this. The notebook stays agreeably quiet under low load or in undemanding office use. Not quite 30 dB A on average are only perceived as a quiet whirring. The hard disk is usually louder than the fan. The hard disk noise is sometimes a bit annoying because it has a high pitched sound.

    The emission rates are equally good under load. The fan remains very audible with The DVD drive gets just as loud. The drive calms down quickly in DVD video rendering and isn't disturbing anymore. The temperatures aren't quite as good. The upper side stays cooler in both scenarios, but it's anything but cool. This is likely the price to be paid for a quiet notebook. The fan would have to turn a lot more and more often for a cooler notebook. Lenovo should improve this urgently.

    Loudspeakers are mandatory in every notebook, depending on the intended purpose, also more or less elaborately realized. Collaboration scenarios, such as video telephony or e-learning are focused on in office devices. Consequently, speech has to be heard clearly and understandably.

    Lenovo places the loudspeakers in the lower display edge so that the sound waves can be emitted into the user's direction without obstructions. Nevertheless, you shouldn't expect any sound miracles. Unfortunately, it seems that gap doesn't exist - and if it does, the ThinkPad Edge hasn't quite managed to find it. If you're in the market for a thin-and-light, you're likely to head for an IdeaPad, whilst business users wanting no-frills stability will opt for the ThinkPad.

    Most prominently, the glossy painted lid and Chiclet keyboard. With the smaller Edge 13 and Edge 14, build quality wasn't a huge problem; we only had a few minor concerns like screen protection and hinge quality. The Edge 15, with its larger size, seemed to hit the breaking point where the lack of an internal framework created considerable chassis flex around the palmrest and keyboard areas.

    The Edge 13 had panels that felt as hard as rock with absolutely no keyboard flex, which obviously didn't carry over as the size was increased past a certain point. In the end, our only recommendation would be to steer toward the smaller Edge 13 or 14 if you like the design or look at higher ThinkPad models if you need a inch screen. As far as the business aspect goes you do get the ThinkVantage software suite that has a lot of very cool business features many people will like, especially the Active Protection System, which makes sure your hard drive does not get damaged if you happen to drop your laptop.

    For normal consumers the new red color on the ThinkPad Edge will definitely catch their attention. Its boxy black frame may not strike a chord with anyone who puts a premium on aesthetics, but productivity makes up for this shortcoming. The Edge 15 has an excellent business user experience despite parts that aren't the top of the line. Coupled with Windows 7, the inch Edge will meet the needs of not only business professionals, but people seeking a reliable notebook. The ThinkPad series is a respected, powerful line of notebooks with a strong reputation of being quality products.

    Below are a few pros and cons I discovered while using the inch Edge.

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