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    It ends up looking something like this:. And you can use [] to get all the elements in the array. For example, here is how I would get the titles of the issues returned by my API request:. Once you start using the array index to select elements, you have a new problem. In the example above, the issue titles were new line delimited:. In fact, whenever you ask jq to return an unwrapped collection of elements, it prints them each on a new line.

    You can see this by explicitly asking jq to ignore its input and instead return two numbers:. You can resolve this the same way you would turn the text 1,2 into an array in JavaScript: By wrapping it in an array constructor [ Similarly, to put a generated collection of results into a JSON array, you wrap it in an array constructor [ My GitHub issue title filter.

    If your jq query returns more than one element, they will be returned newline delimited. To turn these values into a JSON array, what you do is similar to creating an array in JavaScript: You wrap the values in an array constructor [ I want to select multiple fields from the returned JSON document and leave the rest behind. But this is returning the results of one selection after the other.

    To change the ordering, I can factor out the array selector:. To wrap those values into the shape I need, I can replace the values with the array indexes that return them:. This syntax is the same syntax for creating an object in a JSON document.

    Returning to my GitHub API problem, to wrap the number and the title up into an array I use the object constructor like this:. If you were building up a JSON object out of several selectors, it would end up looking something like this:. Which is the same syntax for an object in a JSON document, except with jq you can use filters as values. Each issue returned by GitHub has a collection of labels:.

    If I want those labels in alphabetical order I can use the built in sort function. It works like this:. Other built-ins that mirror JavaScript functionality are available, like length , reverse , and tostring and they can all be used in a similar way:. There are probably too many to remember but the built-ins tend to mirror JavaScript functions, so give those a try before heading to jq manual , and you might get lucky.

    You pipe a JSON document to it, and it filters it and outputs it to standard out. I could easily use this feature to chain together jq invocations like this:. This is a wordy, though simple, way to determine the length of a string in a JSON document. But there is an easier way, though. You can use pipes inside of jq and conceptually they work just like shell pipes:.

    This means that sorting my labels array is simple. I can just change. Everything in jq is a filter that you can combine with pipes. This mimics the behavior of a UNIX shell. You can use the pipes and the jq built-ins to build complicated transformations from simple operations.

    The issues list I was looking at has many low-quality issues in it. This would let me skip all the drive-by fix-my-problem issues. However, I can easily do this query on the command line by filtering our results with jq.

    You can think of it as a shorthand for [. Like map , I find select comes up quite a bit, so while you may have to come back to this article or google it the first few times you need it, with luck, it will start to stick to your memory after that.

    This uses three object indexes, two maps, two pipes, a length function, and a select predicate. Reading about or writing about a tool is not enough to master it. Action is needed. Here we discuss the introduction to jQuery Select Option, how does it works along with respective examples. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more —. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Submit Next Question. Forgot Password?

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