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    Harman kardon avr 235

    harman kardon avr 235

    Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for HARMAN KARDON AVR Home Theater Receiver at the best online prices at eBay! View and Download Harman Kardon AVR owner's manual online. Harman Kardon AVR Owners Guide. AVR receiver pdf manual download. Also known: HARMAN KARDON AVR AVR AVR · If you have any question about repairing write your question to the Message board. For this no need. JAKATTA AMERICAN DREAM Note that you have passed the line can reach. We use this responsibility to back see this article:. Obligation to indemnify the other party under this section The Contract and the actual desktop screen with all icons, secondly users have reported slow laws of the State of New York, United States the United Nations Convention on Contracts Sale of Goods, including any amendments thereto, and without regard to principles.

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    I've used my Bose Tri-Port yeah, I know Bose, I got them at cost headphones through this receiver as well and they sound fantastic. Hell this thing makes my JBL's sound pretty good. I highly recomend this receiver, you will NOT be let down. I have enjoyed the quality of Harman Kardon since The AVR has very stable and clean reproduction.

    The quality of this reciever is equal to the higher end units but has less features and powe r than you will get if your spedn twice as much. You will however have optical and coaxial audio inputs which are good for me. At 50 watts per channel 65 per channel in 2 channel mode this unit provides adequate power for loud volume but if you want to crank it up for an ear bleeding rave party then you'll need to get one of the higher powered HK amps or even a vintage HK or or 80s Marantz TA, TA if you just want stereo analog warmth and serious volume.

    The unit is great from the way it looks to the way it functions and of course the sound is marvelous!!!! The only gripe I have is that the remote control does not light up in the dark some of it does, but not the part that needs to light. Also some of the buttons are in the wrong place on the remote. I think there is a remote that you can upgrade too if you so desire not sure of price.

    I am running Bose 's in front and sides, Bose 's in the rear, Bose Center and finally an Infinity powered sub. I have turned it nearly all the way up once!! My room-mate liked Denon, I say liked because he now has upgraded to the AVR which is also awesome. If you are lucky enough to get as good a deal as I did, you will undoubtedly more than love it; I paid Remanufactured with a factory warranty ; they are at Best Buy.

    OH yeah, this is a high current amplifier, it does get hot and needs to have good air circulation around the unit. In a smaller room you will notice a temperature change!!!! Depending on how you look at it, that is awesome in itself. AVR Impressive receiver. While this is low-end HK, the features are pretty astounding, appealing to listeners who want a quick set-up to people like me, who want to tweak each channel from its delay to its frequency response to its overall output.

    For those of you who drive your family crazy with your attention to the sound turn off the on-screen-display and they'll never know you're futzing with the rear-surround outputs, for example, as they watch or listen.

    The purity of the sound is noticeable. Instrumentation is defined and clear. The choices of modes are impressive as well. With AVR you can program the modes to your personal listening flavor, and assign them to your inputs, i. Also, bass management choices add to the fine tuning. Again, if you don't want to play with settings, have a seat, press SPL on the remote, and like an invisible audio tech running to each of your speakers adjusts each of them to your listening position.

    The tech is a little noisy for about a minute, however, but then goes away. Speaking of home theater, this does quite the trick. With my set-up of matched speakers--not high-end--the 7. My wife calls it the "is someone at the door" syndrome. True sounding, directional--sweet. Again, lots of options with tweaking, especially with PLIIx modes and bass settings. Concerned about the meager watt per channel rating per channel?

    I was too, trading from a watt stereo surround receiver. I will assure you, as audiofile friends and online testaments will, the provides plenty. My listening room is about 20'x20' with a foot vaulted ceiling and I cannot image using this anywhere near full power in anything but a house in the woods where I luckily call home: for the sake of the neighbors. At higher volumes the sound holds together astonishingly well, retaining the clarity and voicing. It's smokin'. When the letters flash, the digital input has been interrupted.

    See page 19 for more information on the Channel Indicators. When the Input is not in use, be certain to keep the plastic cap installed to avoid dust contamination that might degrade future performance. Surround Mode Indicators: The current selected mode or function will appear as one of these indicators. Note that when the unit is turned on, the entire list of available modes will light briefly, and then revert to normal operation with only the active mode indicator illuminated.

    Set this control to a suitable position for your taste or room acoustics. See pages for more information on digital audio. For more information on output level trim adjustment, see page If the AVR is muted, adjusting volume control will automatically release the unit from the silenced condition. Aim the remote at this area and do not block or cover it unless an external remote sensor is installed.

    If an external AM antenna is used, make connections to the AM and GND terminals in accordance with the instructions supplied with the antenna. Subwoofer Output: Connect this jack to the line-level input of a powered subwoofer. If an external subwoofer amplifier is used, connect this jack to the subwoofer amplifier input. CD Inputs: Connect these jacks to the analog output of a compact disc player or CD changer or any other audio source.

    Preamp Outputs: Connect these jacks to an optional, external power amplifier for applications where higher power is desired. Connect the black — terminals on the AVR to the black — terminals on the speakers. See page 12 for more information on speaker polarity.

    Connect the black — terminal on the AVR to the black negative — terminal on your speaker. Connect the black — terminal on the AVR to the matching black negative — terminals for each surround speaker. The power will remain on at this outlet regardless of whether the AVR is on or off in Standby , provided that the Main Power switch 1 is on. Note: The total power consumption of all devices connected to the accessory outlets should not exceed watts from the.

    Unswitched Outlet and 50 W from the Switched Outlet. Connect these outputs to the component video inputs of a video projector or monitor. When a source connected to one of the two. Component Video Inputs is selected the signal will be sent to these jacks. RGB connection is not possible if the source outputs a separate sync signal see page Connect the output of the sensor to this jack.

    Do not connect the RF digital output of an LD player to these jacks. Most buttons have additional functions when used with other devices. See page for a list of these functions. Before using the remote, it is important to remember to press the Input Selector button 4 that corresponds to the unit you wish to operate. The remote is also capable of operating a wide variety of other products using the control codes that are part of the remote.

    Before using the remote with other products, follow the instructions on pages to program the proper codes for the products in your system. It is also important to remember that many of the buttons on the remote take on different functions, depending on the product selected using the Input Selector Button 4.

    The descriptions shown here primarily detail the functions of the remote when it is used to operate the AVR. Note that when the AVR is switched off this will turn off the main room functions, but if the Multiroom system is activated, it will continue to function. See page 23 for more information on setting output levels, and see page 37 for information on programming the remote.

    First, if the AVR is not turned on, this will power up the unit. Next, it will select the source shown on the button as the input to the AVR. Finally, it will change the remote control so that it controls the device selected.

    Pressing this button when the tuner is in use will select between the AM and FM bands. Press this button to select the device connected to the 6-Channel Direct Inputs or the 8-Channel Direct Inputs the input available will depend on the selection 5. See page 23 for more information on calibrating the AVR.

    After the time shown in the display, the AVR will automatically go into the Standby mode. Each press of the button changes the time until turn-off in the following order:. Note that this button is also used to change channels on your TV, VCR and Sat receiver when the appropriate source is selected, using the device Input Selectors 4. Note that depending on the type of input, some modes are not always available.

    See page 26 for more information about surround modes. Note that this button is also used to tune channels on your TV, VCR and Sat receiver when the appropriate source is selected using the device Input Selector 4. BNight Mode: Press this button to activate the Night mode.

    This mode is available only with Dolby Digital encoded sources, and it preserves dialog center channel intelligibilty at low volume levels See page 23 for more information. D again, to change the level setting. See page 31 for more information. When changing a setting, first press the button for the function or setting to be changed e. The sections in this manual describing the individual features and functions contain specific information on using these buttons for each application.

    It is also used in the setup procedures for delay time, speaker configuration and channel output level adjustment. GDigital Select: Press this button to assign one of the digital inputs! See page 30 for more information on using digital inputs. HNumeric Keys: These buttons serve as a ten-button numeric keypad to enter tuner preset positions. ITuner Mode: Press this button when the tuner is in use to select between automatic tuning and manual tuning.

    See page 35 for more information. After pressing the button simply press the proper Numeric Keys H to select a station See page 35 for more information on the tuner. If the Tuner Mode button I has been pressed or the Band button! Note that the Dolby Digital mode is only available with a digital input selected and the other modes only as long as a Dolby Digital source is not playing except Pro Logic II with Dolby Digital 2. See page 25 for the available Dolby surround mode options.

    When a DTS source is not in use, this button has no function. See page 26 for the available DTS options. OLogic 7 Selector: Press this button to select one of the available Logic 7 surround modes. See page 26 for the available Logic 7 options. See page 40 for more information on programming the remote. When using the remote to calibrate speaker output levels using EzSet, be sure that you do not hold the remote in a way that covers these slots.

    See page 23 for more information on using EzSet. Stereo Mode Selector: Press this button to select a stereo playback mode. See page 21 for more information on stereo playback modes. The first press selects the last DTS Neo:6 surround mode that was in use, and each subsequent press selects the next mode. See page 38 for more information on storing and recalling macros. See page 36 for more information on RDS. Press the Set button again to complete the process. See page 22 for more information.

    See page 17 for more information. Mute: Press this button to momentarily silence the AVR or TV set being controlled, depending on which device has been selected. When the AVR remote is being programmed to operate another device, this button is pressed with the Input Selector button 4 to begin the programming process.

    See page 37 for more information on programming the remote. During this sequence, EzSet will automatically adjust the output levels for all channels until they are equal, as shown by the Program Indicator 2 lighting green for each channel. See page 23 for more information on EzSet.

    Input Selector button 45 associated with the botton pressed will briefly flash red to confirm the transmission of the command, as long as there is a function for that button with the device selected see function list on. Note that this setting is temporary; regardless of any changes, the display will always return to full brightness when the AVR is turned on.

    The blue illumination around the Power Indicator 3 will always remain at full brightness regardless of the setting to remind you that the AVR is still turned on. After unpacking the unit, and placing it on a solid surface capable of supporting its weight, you will need to make the connections to your audio and video equipment.

    We recommend that you use high-quality interconnect cables when making connections to source equipment and recorders to preserve the integrity of the signals. When making connections to audio source equipment or speakers it is always a good practice to unplug the unit from the AC wall outlet.

    This prevents any possibility of accidentally sending audio or transient signals to the speakers that may damage them. Connect the analog output of a CD player to the CD inputs. NOTE: When the CD player has both fixed and variable audio outputs it is best to use the fixed output unless you find that the input to the receiver is so low that the sound is noisy, or so high that the signal is distorted.

    Connect the digital output of any digital sources such as a CD or DVD changer or player, advanced video game, a digital satellite receiver, HDTV tuner or digital cable set-top box or the output of a compatible computer sound card to the Optical and Coaxial Digital Inputs. Assemble the AM Loop Antenna supplied with the unit as shown below. The FM antenna may be an external roof antenna, an inside powered or wire lead antenna or a connection from a cable system.

    Note that if the antenna or connection uses ohm twin-lead cable, you should use a ohm-toohm adapter to make the connection. Connect the front, center and surround speaker outputs to the respective speakers. To assure that all the audio signals are carried to your speakers without loss of clarity or resolution, we suggest that you use high-quality speaker cable.

    Many brands of cable are available and the choice of cable may be influenced by the distance between your speakers and the receiver, the type of speakers you use, personal preferences and other factors. Your dealer or installer is a valuable resource to consult in selecting the proper cable. Regardless of the brand of cable selected, we recommend that you use a cable constructed of fine, multistrand copper with an area greater than 2 mm 2.

    Cable with an area of 1. We do not recommend that you use cables with an area less than 1mm 2 due to the power loss and degradation in performance that will occur. Cables that are run inside walls should have the appropriate markings to indicate listing with any appropriate testing agency standards. Questions about running cables inside walls should be referred to your installer or a licensed electrician who is familiar with the applicable local building codes in your area.

    When connecting wires to the speakers, be certain to observe proper polarity. NOTE: While most speaker manufacturers adhere to an industry convention of using black terminals for negative and red ones for positive, some manufacturers may vary from this configuration. We also recommend that the length of cable used to connect speaker pairs be identical. For example, use the same length piece of cable to connect the front-left and front-right or surround-left and surround-right speakers, even if the speakers are a different distance from the AVR.

    It is appropriate to configure the AVR for either 5. When 6. Connecting only one loudspeaker to these speaker terminals will not only deprive you of the benefits of 7. It may also put undesirable strain on the surround back amplifier circuits and power supplies. Connections to a subwoofer are normally made via a line level audio connection from the Subwoofer Output to the line-level input of a subwoofer with a built-in amplifier.

    When a passive subwoofer is used, the connection first goes to a power amplifier, which will be connected to one or more subwoofer speakers. If you are using a powered subwoofer that does not have line-level input connections, follow the instructions furnished with the speaker for connection information.

    If an external multi-channel audio source with 5. As such, it is more than suitable for most loudspeakers. However, in some circumstances you may wish to use an optional, external power amplifier for added power. This is easily done by connecting the. The speakers to be used with the external amplifier are then connected to the appropriate output terminals on the power amplifier, not those on the AVR.

    Video equipment is connected in the same manner as audio components. Again, the use of highquality interconnect cables is recommended to preserve signal quality. Connect the analog audio and video outputs of a satellite receiver, cable TV converter or television set or any other video source to the.

    Connect the Composite and S-Video if S-Video device is in use Monitor Output jacks on the receiver to the composite and S-Video input of your television monitor or video projector. Note that even when component video connections are used the audio connections must still be made to. If another component video device is available, connect it to the Video 2 Component Video Input jacks. The audio connections for this device should be made to either the.

    If the component video inputs are used, connect the Component Video Output to the component video inputs of your TV, projector or display device. See page 17 for more information on input configuration. S-Video signals will be converted to composite signal.

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