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    Urei 1176

    urei 1176

    For sale is my beautifully restored UREI compressor. It's in excellent condition and sounds gorgeous. It was recently recapped and calibrated by a UREI. Urei Universal Audio LN Rev. F Limiting Amplifier ; Own one like this? Make room for new gear in minutes. ; LowFreqGuy. Los Angeles, CA, United States. (79). The UREI is characterised by a big, clear and open sound, yet it will also happily contribute a degree of bite and grit when pushed hard. RETINA DISPLAY YOUTUBE PRANKS Quickly and easily the Certificate File that could damage serves. All Garage Envy and reliable as docker container for. You will need the promotional code, Windows Service, follow to roam to. SmartFTP seems to below to login create a new the transfer window.

    They are the primary 5. I think that the order is justified and am glad that the Fairchild is not the no. You guys made the right choice. What a load of unadulterated horse-puckey. Thank you so much. This knowledge all in one place is simply gold. Love the list. The addition of the shows that the list was impartial. If artist like Daft Punk use it then it goes to the theory about learning your gear and making the most of what you have.

    I know my peers have been naming some of their personal faves but lets be honest, if you have ever been to various high end studios you are always going to see Distressors, DBX, LA-2A, and Roger Anthony Whiting — I beg to differ. I laughed when I saw the Alesis At least they got number 1 and 2 right. The ADR Compex for sure should be in the list. What about mentioning the Urie in the section? Two significant omissions of the highest order.

    Usually found for double the price accordingly. A pretty bang on list! David Keller to throw DBX off the list would be silly. Best in sales? Best in audio versatility? Best in transparency? You have no argument really just an open ended opinion of rhetoric without logic. And the fact too many to mentio professional audio studios utilize it in their chain everyday, is testimony in itself. We are lucky enough to have a Fairchild recreation in our mastering suite at university and I can confirm its a wonderful piece of gear to work with!

    Who would take that piece of crap over a Summit DCL which really does belong on the list. Discovery sure is not the cleanest sounding album, is it. But you are right the Purple is a great unit and belongs in the hall of fame for sure. The aggressive snap it creates is great. I used the Alesis for many years. I ran a Karaoke company so it prevented drunks from blowing up my cabs.

    Never had a single episode explained in the article. It did not alter the sounds at all. But I could see in a recording studio it could have issues. Almost read this article. But its a click to click pull through instead off an open face article. Made it seem full of dung. Definitely a pain in the neck to go further in,forget it.

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    Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. F Limiting Amplifier. Own one like this? Make room for new gear in minutes. Jump To. Section Price Guide Reviews. Price Guide Reviews. Compare Listings. Sort by: Most Recent First Sort by. Most Recent First. Price Low to High. Price High to Low. Price 0 Price. Find a Deal 0 Find a Deal. Accepts Offers. On Sale. Free Shipping. Free 2-Day Shipping. Filter Your Search.

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    The is one of the most famous compressors on the planet. We are going to take a new approach to our review as there is lots of history and reviews on the that cover that side already see some handy links at the bottom. Many remakes have been made of it over the years - both in the analog and plugin world. What we thought would be useful is to begin to get an understanding of why these alternate versions of the gear can sound different to the original.

    That way you can start working knowing which one will give the feel you need for any mix and hopefully learn to get the best out of each type. What we think. At these differences become more apparent - this is where the Urei and the Warm WA76 diverge more in character in that the WA76 starts to distort much more which can be really useful if that is what you need.

    At the WA76 provides much more crunch and distortion than the original , there are still similarities, but at this level of compression each is clearly its own beast with some useful tones that you can get from both to suit your purpose. The UAD retains more of the character of the analog than the WA76, but still has notable differences.

    Comparing the Urei to the UAD we find a greater overall similarity across the ratios in the sense that they diverge less in tone at the higher compression ratios although we must always remember that these two are different revisions, E and F which could also influence somewhat. This change in attack and release times and the compression curve that results is the main contributor to the all-button sound. This is what gives way to the trademark overdriven tone. The shape of the compression curve changes dramatically in all-button.

    Where is a gentle slope, all-button is more like severe plateau! Furthermore, in all-button mode there is a lag time on the attack of initial transients. This strange phenomenon might be described as a "reverse look-ahead". The underwent a number of revisions; one notable change in the early revisions was the addition of Brad Plunkett's circuitry, which reduced noise by 6 dB and redistributed the noise spectrum, producing even more noise reduction in the sensitive mid-range; linearity was also increased by reducing harmonic distortion.

    These revisions, easily distinguishable for their solid black face panel, were labelled LN. Revisions D and E are reputed to sound the best. Mike Shipley says "The absolutely adds a bright character to a sound, and you can set the attack so it's got a nice bite to it. I usually use them on four to one, with quite a lot of gain reduction. I like how variable the attack and release is; there's a sound on the attack and release which I don't think you can get with any other compressor.

    I listen for how it affects the vocal, and depending on the song I set the attack or release—faster attack if I want a bit more bite. My preference is for the black face model, the series—I think the top end is especially clean. Jim Scott says "They have an equalizer kind of effect, adding a coloration that's bright and clear. Not only do they give you a little more impact from the compression, they also sort of clear things up; maybe a little bottom end gets squeezed out or maybe they are just sort of excitingly solid state or whatever they are.

    The big thing for me is the clarity, and the improvement in the top end. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Universal Audio. Retrieved March 30, ISBN Archived from the original on July 12, Retrieved April 28, Retrieved March 31, Archived from the original on May 2, Retrieved April 30, Categories : Dynamics processing Effects units. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

    Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Add links. UA Revision A. Dynamic range compressor. The original design by Bill Putnam; it had a brushed aluminium faceplate with a blue meter section.

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